A Long PTSD Moment

Hello! I’ve totally neglected this blog since the start of the pandemic. But today, I was brought back to thoughts of this caregiver community by a science program. It featured Robert Sapolsky talking about this new book, Behave: The Neuroscience of Humans at our Best and Worst. This video was presented (via in-house TV) to […]

Oddly Enough, We’re Fine

We are still “shut in.” Washington State is still under “Stay Home, Stay Safe” orders while we wait for the Covid-19 virus to settle down. We were under quarantine for three weeks, preceded by a “lockdown” for two weeks. In our retirement home, the difference between what we call a lockdown and what the CDC […]

The Challenge of Humor

If you’re reading this post sometime in the future, you should know that I’m writing this in the midst of the coronavirus upheaval of 2020. It’s also relevant that I’m writing from Washington, the first state to be severely impacted by Covid-19. We’ve been under lockdown, quarantine, “stay home stay safe,” “shelter in place” restrictions […]

Ouch! Did You Just Dis My Person?

Sometimes I think I’m getting just as paranoid as “Charlie.” One sad element of Charlie’s mental state is an inclination to paranoia. This might be because he was in restraints almost the entire time he was hospitalized after his accident. Or maybe he would have been this way anyway. But it becomes problematic when something […]