Ouch! Did You Just Dis My Person?

Sometimes I think I’m getting just as paranoid as “Charlie.” One sad element of Charlie’s mental state is an inclination to paranoia. This might be because he was in restraints almost the entire time he was hospitalized after his accident. Or maybe he would have been this way anyway. But it becomes problematic when something […]

FYI, Confabulation

TBIs and confabulation just seem to go together. The ability to speak words and almost-sentences may re-emerge after a brain injury long before memories fill-in. Given that storytelling is part of the essence of being human, the result is a lot of creativity – fudging, moving details from one story to another, and inventing details […]

We Are More Than Caregivers

Folks, I’m holding my own for now. I’ve had a challenging year, in part because my own health has teetered a bit. A year ago, I had vertigo during the holidays, and it was hard to get appointments to address it. It returned this year, but now I can tame it a bit on my […]