March 22: Let’s Catch Up

I’m really hoping a bunch of you show up on March 22. I’ve had too long a stretch without your support. I’m doing OK. We’re doing OK. I’m hoping you’re OK. But with a cancellation due to flu in January, then everyone being out of town in February, I just really want to see some […]

Flu. Quarantine. No Meeting.

Sorry for short notice, but we have flu somewhere in our independent living quarters at Horizon House. When this happens, we aren’t allowed to have any sort of meetings, even for you folks coming from outside. We can leave the building, but no events happen inside.

I can’t arrange any other location and get word out fast enough, so I’m just cancelling. Hope we’re back in business for February. If anyone wants to visit at a coffee shop between now and then, just let me know.

gpopoff at icloud dot com

Meeting Info. Caregiver Notebook.

Greetings from my sunny south-facing window. I have sunbeams on my shoulder as I write this morning. Always welcome at this time of year. First off, our next meeting will be here at Horizon House next Thursday evening. As usual, fourth Thursday, 6:00-8:00 pm, 900 University St, Robert Durham Room. Please check in at the […]