The Long Haul: Who Can Help?

Are we just on our own? Should I give up expecting any useful support from the neurology department? I have the sense that other neurological conditions get continued monitoring and at least yearly visits with specialists, but we get nothing. A new stroke patient or new TBI patient gets lots of attention including rehab services until […]

February Meeting Cancelled

A confluence of events has left us leaderless in February, so I am reluctantly cancelling our Feb. 15 meeting. I am optimistic that all will return to some version of normalcy in time for a March 15 meeting, but we will need to meet at a different location due to renovations at the Greenwood library. Watch this space for an update.

We Can All Get Well Now!

Forget the recovery plateau that used to set in two or three years after a brain injury. A regular exercise program plus a healthy diet and a good dose of mindfulness will activate your brain’s natural plasticity so that a full recovery can be yours. And if it doesn’t happen? It’s on you. Not enough exercise, […]

Hope at Home. Elsewhere?

So many metrics have improved in my life time. Our air and water are cleaner. Health care has improved for many, many conditions including brain injuries. People with disabilities have opportunities they haven’t always had. People who were excluded from the democratic process have gained access to the ballot box. Diplomacy has not replaced war, but […]